What makes Ruby Bay salmon jerky a premium product?

Unlike most other salmon jerky products, Ruby Bay uses only wild-caught KING salmon for its products. King salmon’s optimal level of omega-3 fatty acids and protein content makes this product a perfect fit for having a tender and tasty salmon jerky.


Are all Ruby Bay Salmon Jerky products GLUTEN-FREE?

Yes. Even the teriyaki is now gluten free.


Do any of the products contain artificial preservatives?

No. All Ruby Bay Salmon Jerky products are all natural without preservatives.


Does the Ruby Bay line use GMO ingredients?

No. All Ruby Bay Salmon Jerky products have only non-GMO ingredients.


How much more protein does salmon jerky have compared to beef jerky?

Salmon jerky has about 20% more protein than beef jerky.


Are there any creative recipes where I can use salmon jerky?

Absolutely!  Check out our mother website for the “Cheesy Jerky Recipe” http://www.acmesmokedfish.com/recipe/cheesy-jerk


Where else can I buy Ruby Bay salmon jerky?

Ruby Bay sells its line of jerky at fine specialty stores, including Whole Foods, Wegmans, and Fairway.


Why is salmon jerky a great snack for adventure-seeking and active enthusiasts?

Besides the abundant amount of protein and omega-3 fatty acids in salmon jerky, its salt content provides a great electrolyte source. 


Do you have to refrigerate salmon jerky? 

No, our salmon jerky is shelf stable. However, once opened it must be consumed within 5 days. For extended storage, the jerky can be refrigerated for up to two weeks.


Where is the salmon caught? 

The salmon is caught from the pristine waters of Alaska


Is the salmon Farmed or Wild?

This salmon jerky is made with wild king salmon


What is the shelf life of this item? 

Once opened, must consume within 5 days. If kept sealed the salmon jerky will last up to 8 months