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5 reasons why salmon jerky is a great snack for a road trip !


5 reasons why salmon jerky is a great snack for a road trip !

  • 1.Easy to take with you: Light lifting and full of protein! This snack is shelf stable and will last a trip from NY to LA, LA to China. An awesome treat that can fit in your back pack, travel bag, or small clutch and the fuel that keeps you energized.
  • 2.Pick your flavor: Variety, Yes! Something that Is healthy and has flavor. What option will you pick, with Teriyaki, Orange Ginger, and Peppered we say all three. One for each mood along the way!
  • 3.High in omega 3: There is huge talk about omega 3’s and Salmon Jerky is loaded with this positive fat. 
  • 4.High in protein: These all natural bite sized pieces are rich in protein making less stops for you on your travel. 
  • 5.Share with friends: Sharing is caring! Passing snacks to your road trip buddies will definitely keep the vibes positive. Nothing says good snacking then sharing healthy treats with friends. 


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